Firm History.

The law firm was founded by Christian Onz in 1993.
From the very beginning, he managed to acquire an excellent reputation in the areas of public commercial law and environmental law.

The first steps of expansion date back to 1998 when Rainer Onz and Herwig Kraemmer joined the firm.
In early 2002, the firm was transformed into a corporation with Bernhard Hüttler joining as additional partner.

At the end of 2003, Rainer Onz had to retire for health reasons.

At the beginning of 2004 Michael Mendel , in February 2006 Ursula Ebner and in September 2015 Angelika Paulitsch and Florian Berl joined the firm as new partners.

In 2019, Rainer Onz passed away.

Mag. Martin Nigischer joined the firm in March 2022 and Mag. Thomas Morwitzer in June 2023 as partners.